Terms of Use

On one side, the CLIENT requesting services provided on this page using the various forms and accepting the Terms of Use, and of the other part, the parent company of Portable Wifi Spain, as stated below.

Both parties mutually acknowledge their sufficient legal capacity to execute this Agreement, and agree the following RENTAL AGREEMENT FOR WIFI RENTAL PRODUCTS, which shall be governed by the following terms:


FIRST.- The service consists of rental of MIFIS and ancillary products by the CLIENT, and it is provided by Portable Wifi Spain

  • The usage of the device is restricted to Spain – it is forbidden to be used outside of Spain
  • Any usage outside of Spain can result in extra costs for Wifi Away, well above those charged initially to the cliente – the client will be liable for these additional costs charged by Wifi Away providers in case the devices are used outside of Spain

SECOND.- Upon the execution of this Agreement, Portable Wifi Spain shall provide the CLIENT at the agreed date and place, in the form of leasing, a MIFI, with its corresponding SIM card inside, charger and case, as well as a user guide and a brochure.

The abovementioned equipment shall only be intended for the specific purpose as established in this Rental Agreement between the parties.

THIRD.- The CLIENT shall be liable for the care and custody of the rented MIFI with its accessories for the corresponding purpose during the term of this Agreement. In the event of loss, theft or severe damage, the following quantities:

  • Device: 70€
  • Charger, cable or both: 7€
  • Box/container: 8€
  • Complete Pack: 85€

FOURTH.- With respect to the payment of the service:

  • The rental price for each 4G wifi device with its accessories shall be in accordance with the contracted fee. Payment shall be made by credit/debit card.
  • The minimum age to book our services is 18 years old
  • Cancellation: The client may cancel their order in the following 24 hours of the order as long as it hasn’t been shipped, and as long as the order has been placed with at least 5 days before the initial date of service usage
  • Return and Refund: Once received the device, the user will have 3 days to try the device, and may return it in case it does not meet their expectations. To do so, they must not have used the device for more than 500 Mb of data (we reject returns after exhaustive usage). The full refund will be processed once the device is received back at our offices.

FIFTH.- The Agreement term shall be established between both parties by mutual agreement, and it shall be determined according to the fee upon the date and time of the signature of the Agreement.

SIXTH.- With the usage terms, the CLIENT agrees to return the rented material the completion date of the subscription. Portable Wifi Spain acknowledges that, through the postage-paid envelope return, a delay in days due to the 4G wifi device return procedure shall occur. However, if the return is forgotten, the CLIENT shall bear any delivery expenses for the return of the products, as well as a penalty fee depending on the number of delay days, with a cost of 5€ per day of delay. The CLIENT will also lose all right to renew if the payment for the renewal is delayed.

SEVENTH.- Any difference, controversy or dispute that may arise related to the interpretation or enforcement of this Agreement shall be resolved and settled at the Court of First Instance of Madrid.

EIGHTH.- Both parties hereby acknowledge that they fulfill all requirements established by the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data, Organic Law 15/1999, dated December 13.

NINTH.- In case of any problems with the 4G wifi device or service, issues in the network, or logistical or supply contingencies that prevent the arrival of the 4G wifi device at the time and place agreed, the maximum compensation to the client will be the return of the amount paid by the client. In no event shall be claimable to Portable Wifi Spain any damages beyond the return of the amount paid by the customer.

TENTH- The cliente also accepts the privacy policy and legal terms in this page.

Portable Wifi Spain declares that all technical and organizational measures from article 9 of the abovementioned law regarding data processing have been taken. And in accordance with article 12 therein, Portable Wifi Spain shall only access the required data in order to comply with the contracted services.

Portable Wifi Spain belongs to “WIFI AWAY, S.L.” with address for notification purposes in calle Plaza de Santa Bárbara 4, 2ºIzda, 28004 – Madrid, and legal address in calle Calle Nicaragua nº13, 4º-9, 28016, Madrid (Spain).