Terms of use

On the one hand, the user who requests the services established on this page through the different forms and accepting the conditions of use (hereinafter the CLIENT), and on the other hand, Portable Wifi Spain, whose company name is indicated at the end of this page

Both mutually recognize sufficient legal capacity to sign this contract, and agree to the following CONDITIONS OF USE OF RENTAL OF WIFI PRODUCTS, which will be governed by the following clauses:


FIRST.- The service offered consists of renting the use of MIFIS and accessory products to the CLIENT provided by Portable Wifi Spain.

  • The use of the same is restricted to Spain - its use outside of Spain is prohibited
  • Any use of the device outside of Spain, may result in additional costs for Wifi Away, well above the costs charged to the customer - the customer agrees to pay such additional costs charged to WifiAway by its providers for data consumption abroad

SECOND.- After contracting and paying for the services, Portable Wifi Spain will send, on the dates and in the established place, a MIFI, with its respective SIM card inside, charger and case, as well as a user guide.

The material described may only be used for the specific use determined in the purpose of this rental contract between the parties.

THIRD.- The CLIENT will be responsible for the guard and custody of the MIFI rented with the accessories for that purpose during the term of this contract. In case of loss, theft or destruction, the following amounts may be claimed for damages caused to Portable Wifi Spain

  • Device: €70
  • Charger, cable or both: €7
  • Case: €8
  • Complete Pack: €85

FOURTH.- Regarding the payment of the service:

  • The rental price of each 4G Wi-Fi device with its accessories will be based on the contracted rate, with the method of payment being by bank card.
  • The minimum age for contracting the device is 18 years old
  • Cancellation: The customer may cancel his order within 24 hours of the order as long as it has not yet been shipped, and the order has been placed with a margin of at least least 5 days from the date of start of use
  • Return and Return: Once the device is received, the user will have 3 days to test the device, and may return it in the event that it does not meet their expectations. To do this, they must not have made a use of the same greater than 500 Mb of data (this way we avoid returns after exhaustive uses). The refund of the amount paid will be made when the COMPANY receives the device back

FIFTH.- The duration of the contract will be set between the parties by mutual agreement, which will be set by the rate from the date and time of signing the contract.

SIXTH.- Through the conditions of use, the CLIENT undertakes to return the leased material on the last day of its subscription, with Portable Wifi Spain understanding that, through the return with a pre-stamped envelope, there will be a delay in receipt; while the 4G Wi-Fi device is in the process of being returned. In the event that the customer forgets to make the return on the stipulated dates, the CUSTOMER will assume all shipping costs for the return of the products in their possession, and a penalty according to the days it takes to return, having a cost of €7 for each day of delay. The client will also lose the right to renew in case of delay in the payment of the same.

SEVENTH.- Any divergence, controversy or dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation or application of this contract must be settled and resolved in accordance with the Courts of First Instance of Madrid.

EIGHTH.- Both parties declare that they comply with all the requirements established in the Organic Law for the Protection of Personal Data, Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13.

NINTH – In the event of any mishap in the operation of the 4G Wi-Fi device, problems in the connection network, or unforeseen logistics or provisioning that prevent the reception of the 4G Wi-Fi device on the agreed date and place, the maximum amount  to be returned will always be the price paid for the subscription. In no case will Portable Wifi Spain be claimable. any type of compensation for damages greater than the refund of the amount paid by the client.

TENTH – The client also accepts the privacy policy and legal terms set forth in this page.

Portable Wifi Spain declares that it has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures for the data processing of article 9 of the aforementioned Law. And that in accordance with article 12 of the same legal body, it will exclusively access the data necessary to comply with the contracted services

Portable Wifi Spain is owned by the commercial company “WIFI AWAY, S.L.” with address effects of notifications in Calle Proción 1-3, Edificio Oficor, bajo, oficina D 28023 Madrid – Madrid and tax address in Calle Proción 1-3, Edificio Oficor, bajo, oficina D 28023 Madrid