What can you do with 10Gb – Estimated data consumption per usage type

Our tariffs include a very high data allowance that should satisfy the needs of the majority of users. Below you can find a comparative table of usage and approximate data consumption, in order to help you understand the type of usage you can do of your 4G wifi device.



With 10 Gb you can…

Smartphone Data consumption in Smartphones is usually  very low (1Gb-2Gb per month) Cover the monthly data consumption of  5-10 Smartphones
Surf the web 500 kb per web page (0.0005Gb) Surf 20.000  web pages
Upload Photos (Facebook, Whatsapp) 300 kb per photo (0.0003 Gb) Upload 33.333 photos
Music Streaming (Spotify) 2.88/4.80 Mb per song (0.00288/0.0048 Gb) Listen to 2.083-3.472 songs
Skype (Audio) 375 Kb per minute (0.000375 Gb) Call 222 hours
Skype (Video Call) High(HD): 1,3 Gb per hour
Medium: 0.25 Gb per hour
High (HD): video call 7’5 hours
Medium: video call 45 hours
Video Stream in SD- Standard Quality (Youtube, Facebook) 250 Mb por hour (0.25Gb) Watch 40 hours
Netflix (depending on the quality)
High (3 GB per hour for HD and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD)
Medium (SD): 0,7 GB per hour
High: Whatch 3.5 hours in HD  and 1.5 hours in Ultra HD
Medium: 14 hours and a half
Download full movies
(E.g. En Itunes or download pages)
1080p HD: +4Gb
720p HD: 3-4Gb
SD (Standard Quality): 1-1.5Gb
1080p HD: watch 2 movies
720p HD: watch 2-3 movies
SD: watch 6-10 movies
Torrent Download Programs (BitTorrent) A lot… Very fast…We really recommend not using it. Depending on the connection, the weight of the file, the seeds…

*The information showed in this table are approximations using external sources just to help you control your usages of data

Other ways in which the data can be consumed quickly are:

  • Using backup programs (like Dropbox) if you are creating/downloading many big files
  • Photo auto-upload programs on your smartphone (Apple iCloud, Google+, or sometimes Facebook or Dropbox if the feature if it is enabled). There are ways to allow them to do so only in some networks, not to consume all your data.
  • Sharing the connection with many people that hasn’t been connected for a while. When they connect, their apps begin to update consuming lots of data.
  • Using streaming devices as Apple Play or ChromeCast
  • Skype Video in high quality

In case you use over the limit of data, the connection will first reduce to 3G ( still fast), but then to GPRS (considerably slower). To avoid this, you will just need to use our advice on recommended uses.

It is necessary that you understand the pros and cons between Portable Wifi Spain and a fixed ADSL line in order to know its scope and limitations:


  • It is fast to get. You can enjoy it from the first moment, without red tape nor installations
  • Without commitments
  • You can carry it in your pocket and share it with anyone you want.
  • Cheaper than most of the ADSL (with similar speeds)
  • Foreigners: You do not need  NIE, official procedures or bank account (just a credit/debit card)


  • Limited Data (up to 10Gb),therefore, it is not convenient for massive consumption usages (Download/streaming movies, torrents,etc.)
  • WiFi signal designed for using it at a maximum distance of 66 yards in an open space, crossing no more than one wall

In Portable Wifi Spain, we work with the operator with the best 4G coverage in Spain. The signal arrives great to most places in spain. If the signal is weak, speed or quality can be affected. In that case, let us know in the first two days, and we will contact you to get your 4G wifi device and give you your money back.