Your Portable Wifi in Spain for 6€ per day

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The best portable wifi rental in Spain

The best service at an unbeatable price
Wifi Away

Portable Wifi

A Wifi hotspot
that fits in your pocket

Wifi Away

10 Devices

You can connect 10 smartphones, tablets or computers

Wifi Away

Highest Speed

4G+ Speed
(or 3G where 4G has no coverage)

6 €

per day
or less


All your family and friends connected for just 6€ per day, from a minimum of 5 days

Discounts of 10% for bookings over 10 days, and 20% for 15 days or more

9 €


Fast and Easy

We ship it anywhere in peninsular Spain for just 9€, including a prepaid envelope to send it back
(+3€ in Balearic Islands)

10 Gb

of data
or more

Big data allowance

With 10Gb of data you will enjoy Internet without worries (10Gb for full stay)

Extra data of +5Gb for bookings over 10 days long, and +10Gb for 15 days or more

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Booking and Shipment

How does it work?

In the following link you can check how much data each use consumes

10Gb is a lot of data to browse the Internet, send and receive emails, Whatsapp, read the news, social networks and some video

However, you can run out quickly if you use Netflix or similar services to stream or download video, watch several hours of video... or if you have teenagers using it (we don't know why, but they use a lot of data!


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